The general vision of the eduSource project is focused on the creation of a network of linked and interoperable learning object repositories across Canada. The initial part of this project will be an inventory of ongoing development of the tools, systems, protocols and practices. Consequent to this initial exercise the project will look at defining the components of interoperable framework, the web services that will tie them all together and the protocols necessary to allow other institutions to enter into that framework.

The impetus behind the project was a recognition of a number of exemplary projects that had already created on-line, distributed portals for the education community. The initial research into the creation use of educational object repositories made some useful contributions to the understanding of this new paradigm in educational technology.

Although previous projects had informally created a distributed network that allowed the search and retrieval of educational objects between projects and organizations there was no formal discussion of any best practice for the future. A substantial part of the project will be the creation of communication protocols for sharing information as well as publishing the web services so anyone can tap their components into that pool of educational material and services.

This project will also present opportunities for the creation of tools and services directed at the community that is dedicated to the use of educational technology. The ability to connect to ongoing projects and tools will provide a opportunity for dissemination and collaboration among those groups.