Registered Users

Registered Users

This help is focused for the registered users on any PlanetDR server. This help you to understand the semantic of actions and what involves them.

  • Steps to register on a PlanetDR server.

    1. Access to the web of your PlanetDR server.
    2. Click over the Become a new user option as follows:

    To register as new user

    3. Introduce the required information:

    Required data

    4. Now, you must wait for a mail informing you that is accepted (or denied) your registration to the PlanetDR server.

  • Once you have became a new user to the PlanetDR server you can see the following menu:

    Registered user menu

    At this example, a new user called Jordi has been log in the server. The options of this menu permit you:

    • Change the login: Permit to change your login. For example, for Jordi to George.
    • Change the password: Permit to change your password.
    • LogOut: Log out of your PlanetDR session.