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PlanetDR is an open source Content repository developed under the umbrella of the spanish research project PLANET (Augmented Collaborative Plataform for content distribution and advanced training).

PlanetDR supports standards such as IEEE LOM, IMS Content Packaging (IMS CP), IMS DRI (EduSource Communication Language-ECL) and LORI SQI. PlanetDR also provides a federation mode between PlanetDR servers and plans to support the FIRE protocol. PlanetDR is developed in the Java language, using Apache Tomcat, MySQL and AXIS.

The ECL functions implemented by the PlanetDR's web services consist of search service, submit service and request service. There are different types of search, first, the quick search, that allows to ask for contents that verify in any field of the associated meta-data the wished word. The advanced search consists of two types: search by main meta-data category, where any field of a LOM meta-data category could be specified. The second type is accumulated search, that allows to make search on any field, linking together conditions of different LOM categories. It is possible to invoke the web services provided by the URV, or the web services implemented by any active content servers. It is also possible to invoque a feredated search, (a simulated gather service) linking together the results of the requests of all the active content servers.

We are developing an advanced federated architecture that seamless interconnects content repositories. We follow a SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) based approach using a UDDI Repository Registry, an efficient communication channel and advanced replication techniques.

We take part in the PROLEARN Network of Excellence.

Learning resources provided:

  • PlanetDR focuses on providing open source software for content repositories and not as a Repository service. Nevertheless, services such as MOREA are PlanetDR and they offer learning contents in spanish and galego.

Future Work

  • Decentralized UDDI repository and SOA inter-server architecture specifications support. Work in progress...



  • August 4, 2006 - New PlanetDR release.
    Description: This beta version includes spanish-english language internationalization and a new axis side control panel. And some minor bugs has been fixed. This release is distributed as a Windows and Linux installer. Both installers can be found in downloads section.

  • August 3, 2006 - Search plugin for Firefox released
    Description: Now you can search automatically to our PlanetDR repository directly from your browser. You only have to install these search plugins for your Firefox: PlanetDR quick search format and another for Google-like results.

  • June 6, 2006 - New PlanetDR release.
    Description: This beta version includes several new features such as content massive upload and SQI/ECL quick search and google-like search . This release is distributed as a Windows and Linux installer. Both installers can be found in downloads section

  • May 5, 2006 - New PlanetDR release.
    Description: This beta version includes support for ECL and LORI SQI search and server services, supporting IEEE LOM, IMS-CP and WebCT digital resources. This release is distributed as a Windows installer (*nix installer coming soon). Download it now and enjoy yourself!

  • April 28, 2006 - Incoming PlanetDR release.
    Description: A new PlanetDR version will be released next week with LORI SQI support.

  • March 29, 2006 - Working in a new PlanetDR version.
    Description: We are working in a new PlanetDR version which will follow the last and more common used standards, like IMS CP and LORI SQI, will offer more robust and reliable servers federation and will support efficient data replication.

  • February 13, 2006 - Source code distribution updated.
    Description: This beta version includes support for the IMS Content Packaging standard.

  • November 10, 2005 - Source code distribution updated.
    Description: On the last release has been updated the source code distribution with the AXIS one. This contains our specific implemention of SOAP services, too. Download it now and enjoy yourself!

  • October 21, 2005 - Santiago de Compostela University (Spain) starts a new experience with PlanetDR. MOREA is a project to support professors teaching with resources on the web. Its PlanetDR instance appears here. It has more than one hundred of resources.

  • February 7, 2005 - New Communities mode added.
    Description: This mode offers to registered users a research or job scope keyword search mechanism.
    The results provides the email of different registered members on any PlanetDR instance, and optionally a brief description. See our Downloads section to download the last version.

  • December 22, 2004 - Solved bug on updating federated servers list.
    Description: When you run Federation Mode->Update servers list as Administrator, an incorrect flag is set to each updated server on database. See our Downloads section to know how to correct it.

  • December 17, 2004 - Modified configuration options for upwards compatibility.
    Description: Latest release of Jakarta Tomcat 5.5.* and MySQL 4.1.* have specific requirements (obsolete syntax on sql scripts and others). To adjust the installation process for them, our install documentation has been modified.
    For permission problems on MySQL JDBC connector, we must add few lines to a configuration file on Tomcat. See Tomcat Pre-Configuration process.
    For DNS changes, we must update the dolr-config.xml configuration file on PlanetDR J2EE application. Distribution has been updated. If you have already installed it, you can download this update, with instructions for how to use it.
    Download: PlanetDR update

  • December 15, 2004 - Added configuration options for Jakarta Tomcat 5.5.*.
    Description: Latest release of Jakarta Tomcat 5.5.* have changed configuration files. We added the correct configuration options for these versions for AXIS and PLANETDR J2EE applications.

  • November 19, 2004 - Released PlanetDR Beta version 2.1.
    Description: Fixed bugs in federation service. Includes new versions of DERMI and BUNSHIN with new fixed bugs.
    Notes: We recommend to use this latest version.

  • October 29, 2004 - Released PlanetDR Beta version 2.
       Description: Use of servers federation, based with DERMI and BUNSHIN.
       Notes: No more support provided for version 1.

  • October 1, 2004 - Released PlanetDR stable version 1.