Version History
 Date  Official Name  Features
July 27, 2002
  MOVE! v1.512
  • Efficiency improved: distance algorithm implementation for avatars and MOVE! Proxy to manage events from users
  • We have the possibility to define permissions on tools for users in a World
  • MOVE! web interface re-designed
  • Different type of avatars to choose by an user
  • New Tools: URL, file, object, banner, audio, info, videoStream, videoStream2, netMeeting
  • We can add more than one model from a Tool in a Place with MOVE! Builder
  • We can upload new VRML worlds for the 3D view of Places
  • All users have a bag to carry on copies of objects from a place to other
  • Bot support added: We can implement and launch new bots
January 11, 2002
  MOVE! v1.401
  • MOVE! internal architecture rebuilt using J2EE
  • MOVE! now uses ANTS/CORE RMI
  • AvatarStudio 2.0 avatars compatibility added
  • Jakarta ANT compilation script build.xml added
  • Non-duplicated users checking
  • Slides and Simulation3Ds use IndexedProperties
  • Edition of previously created 3D places using MOVE! Builder
  • New ping method to detect user inactivity added
  • Creation of configuration file
April 17, 2001
  MOVE! v1.3.0.9
  • New Ghost Mode added
  • All users in the same place are shown on chat window
  • Netscape Browser detection added
  • ANTS/AWS BotActuator added
March 28, 2001
  MOVE! v1.3.0.8
  • Bot tool re-enabled
  • Bot can now control any model
  • RMI localhost bug found and fixed
  • HostChanger bugs fixed
  • Automatic IP detection in HostChanger
  • Servlets' path bug fixed
  • MOVE! standalone web-application available
  • Website design slightly updated
  • Non-Authenticated Login changed to Anonymous Login
  • Links fixed
March 12, 2001
  MOVE! v1.3.0.7
  • Voter & Light tools added
  • ANTS/CORE API migration
  • Command line support
  • Elvin4 upgrade: je-4.0b2.jar
  • Avatar names added
  • Website completely rebuilt
  • Non-authenticated login support (for test only)
  • Improved JSDT support
  • Bot tool disabled. Re-design in progress
February 13, 2001
  MOVE! v1.3.0.4
  • Model/View controller minor adjustments
  • Package names changed
  • Slides uploader added
  • Minor visual improvements
January 05, 2001
  MOVE! v1.3.0.2
  • i2-Cat official release
  • Model/View controller major adjustments
  • HostChanger re-designed
  • Major visual improvements
  • Teacher control improvements
  • UNIX scripts added
  • Avatar's half-body bug fixed
  • Bot now uses avatar threads for movement
  • Hook's multiple viewpoints bug fixed
  • New avatar movement added: greet
  • New Website version
December 04, 2000
  MOVE! v1.2.8.0
  • ANTS/CHANNEL API migration
  • JSDT bug fixes
  • Links changed to support authentication servlet
  • move.MUWorld changed to move.moveBrowser
  • move.Edit3D changed to move.moveBuilder
November 27, 2000
  MOVE! v1.2.6.0
  • Authentication servlet added
  • Added support for avatars in ZIP files
  • Double avatar bug fixed
  • Added '' file
  • Elvin4 upgrade: je-4.0b1.jar
November 13, 2000
  MOVE! v1.2.3.0
  • Added Avatar H-Anim v1.1 support
  • New avatars included
November 06, 2000
  MOVE! v1.2.0.0
  • During a boring Cryptology class and an exhausting brainstorming process...
  • New name coined: MOVE! - Multiuser Oriented Virtual Environments
  • Minor HostChanger updates
October 30, 2000
  MUWorld & Edit3D v1.0.0.0 Beta 1
  • New dynamicObject added: Hook
  • MUWorld & Edit3D merged in an only directory
  • HostChanger updated
  • First version of the Website created
  • Added properties file for Simulation3D
  • Bot's API rebuilt
September 22, 2000
  MUWorld & Edit3D v1.0.0.0
  • First official release
  • End-of-Degree Project (PFC)
  • Video did not seem to work properly :-D
  • Elvin version used: 4.0a7
  • Final Qualification: 10.0