Software Links
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Orion Application Server
Very good J2EE application server, comes with the excellent Hypersonic Database. Free for non-commercial use.
Elvin Notification Service (DSTC)
It is specially recommended because of its great performance, security, and multi-language support. Content-based. Free for non-commercial use.
Netscape Navigator (Netscape)
Version 4.51 or higher required.
Microsoft Internet Explorer (Microsoft)
Recommended web browser.
JAVA 2 Language (Sun)
JAVA 2 Language. Version 1.3.0 is recommended if you want to compile the sources. Powerful and platform-independent language.
Apache Ant (Apache)
A Java-based build tool. It's necessary to be installed for MOVE! compilation.
Cosmo Player v2.1 (SGI)
VRML browser. It supports EAI and has become a standard.
Blaxxun Contact 5.1 (Blaxxun)
Recommended VRML browser. It also supports EAI. This version doesn't work under Netscape Navigator. The previous version (5.0) works correctly.
HOB rmi (Hob)
RMI support for Microsoft Java. It's necessary in 4.0 or upper versions of Internet Explorer.