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 CVE 2002 Final Paper
This is the final paper presented by Carles Pairot on the ACM Collaborative Virtual Environments 2002 Conference. It was held on Bonn from September 30 to October 2, 2002.


"The design of a Virtual Environment (VE) is a distributed problem of multi-user access to shared resources. Such problem requires careful design decisions in order to provide a seamless system infrastructure capable of supporting flexible interactions in the shared scenarios. The complexity of this domain has led to intricate software systems that provide ad-hoc solutions to specific problems. Furthermore, many of them have gone to a dead end, due to their non-extensible design and their lack of code and module reuse. This paper presents a VE that is constructed on top of a component groupware framework. Our major aim is to provide an extensible infrastructure offering a set of collaborative services in a seamless way. At the conceptual level, it provides essential collaborative services: shared sessions, support for synchronous and asynchronous components, security, coordination, and a server-side awareness infrastructure. At the architectural level, the framework is constructed on top of a middleware integration platform and uses high performance publish/subscribe notification services. Finally, we present the advantages and limitations of this approach".

The rest of the paper is available in PDF Format here.

The slides of the presentation can be found here.

 End of Degree Project Final Paper
This is the final documentation of the End of Degree Project that we presented on June 25, 2002 at Universitat Rovira i Virgili. We graduated with honours and finally got the Honorous Degree in Computer Science.

This documentation is only available in Catalan and it can be downloaded from here.