Package p2pcm

Interface Summary
ComponentInterface This remote interface is implemented by any Dermi component.

Class Summary
Component This class is the base class for a Dermi Component.
ComponentControl This class models any component's life cycle manager.
ComponentFactory This class models the component's factory.
ComponentUtil This class provides static methods for deploying / undeploying components in the network

Exception Summary
ActivationException This class wraps an ActivationException
ComponentDeploymentException This class wraps an ComponentDeploymentException, which may occur when deploying a component
ComponentInitializationException This class wraps an ComponentInitializationException, which may occur when initializing a component
ComponentNotRegisteredException Exception that occurs when trying to look up a component which has not yet been deployed on Dermi (it thus cannot be found by Dermi's DOLR service)
InterfaceNotFoundException This exception is thrown whenever trying to get a component interface which does not provide an implementation
PassivationException This exception is thrown whenever a component cannot be passivated